Work from home - Affiliate Marketing

Some people want fancy cars. I just wanted the freedom to choose my own working hours.

I never dreamt about buying a Ferrari or having the biggest house on my street. By far, the thing I aspired to most, was having the freedom to choose where and when I worked. For me, the internet held the key to that freedom - because you can be connected from anywhere. But as a 55 year old man, tech was scary.


This video opened my eyes to possibilities I never imagined through Affiliate Marketing. I'm proud to say I now work from my home office.

Hi Guys,

I'm John..

I guess you could say I'm your average 55 year old guy.

I've been very lucky in many ways. I married my best friend 32 years ago. We had a couple of great kids (who are no longer "kids"). Bought our version of a dream home and had very little to complain about.

But like many of my generation, my days for as long as I can remember consisted of an alarm ringing at 5:30am - triggering the start of another working day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly grateful to have had a job for many years. But I guess, sometimes there comes a point where you ask yourself "is there more opportunity out there outside of this routine that my life has become"?

It felt like there were infinite possibilities if I could just find the time to explore them.

For me, the internet screamed possibility. But I knew nothing about technology.

To be honest, I can't even remember how I stumbled across it, but ClickBank University opened my eyes to a whole other world of possibility.

I learned a new word - Affiliate Marketing - and it changed my life.

It didn't happen over night. I'm not telling you to go and quit your job. But the things I learned in this online course changed my perspective about work and what's possible. 

It will change yours too.

So what is ClickBank University?

Clickbank University is an online training course specialising in Affiliate Marketing.

Yeah ok, but what is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, simply put, Affiliate Marketing is a term used to describe the act of selling someone else's products.

ClickBank University offers two different tiers.

1. Sell other people's products

2. Create your own product and have other people sell it on your behalf

Both are really interesting and create worlds of possibilities, but I personally was more drawn to selling other people's products.

There's a couple of reasons for this. I liked the idea of not having to worry about inventory or customer support etc. Plus, ClickBank shows you the highest converting products available to sell. These people have spent tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars developing their products to make them very high converting. You'll learn all about this in the course.


The ideas and language within the course are actually very easy to understand.​

They literally step you through the entire process - from selecting a product you want to promote, to the best current methods for promoting them online.

You'll look over the shoulder of affiliates who are literally making 7 figures a year selling other peoples products.

You also get access to a community of people also doing the same sorts of things. There's experts and beginners in this forum making it a perfect place to ask questions.

My advice is to take your time with it. 

Learn the fundamentals and start slowly.

No doubt, you will get frustrated at times - I certainly did. But if you can push through and commit to learning as much as you can, the rewards are there.

I haven't looked back!