My DIY Woodwork Projects

My DIY garage storage shelves

6 months ago I'd barely picked up a hammer.

That's why I'm really proud to post this photo of some storage shelves I built in my garage.


Not bad for a guy who couldn't tell the difference between a Flat Head and a Phillips Head Screw Driver!

I owe it all to Ted's online Woodworking classes.

Hi Guys,

I'm John..

A woodwork enthusiast (as of 6 months ago)

You see that hammer... 6 months ago that was literally the only tool I owned.

I bet you're thinking - it looks like it's been used a fair bit... Well, certainly not by me.

I picked it up for $5 at a garage sale 3 years ago. 

I'd always wanted to learn more about woodworking and tools though, but I kept making excuses.

My job's too busy.

The yard needs cleaning.

The kids need me (even though they'd moved out of home 5 years ago).

The wife won't be happy (turns out she loves the new shelves).

One day, I decided to stop making excuses and took action.

After a bit of research, I stumbled across Ted's Online Woodworking classes.

I'm still learning new things every day and haven't looked back!

Some of my other projects

Wood box for the grand kids toys

Side Table

To be continued...

If, like me, you're interested in learning more,

check out Ted's Woodworking online classes.

Thank you for stopping by!