My DIY Woodwork Projects

There's nothing like building something with your own hands

Woodwork is a hobby of mine. I get a huge kick out of using my hands to bring an idea to life. I built these shelves using a woodwork plan I bought online. I paid $67, but I got access to 16,000+ plans. If you're interested, here's a video with a bit more information.

Hi Guys,

I'm John..

I've been a woodwork enthusiast all my life.

My Dad loved it. His Dad loved it. I basically grew up with a hammer in my hand.

Since retiring 6 months ago, I've had a bit more time to get my hands dirty and get back on the tools.

This website is really just one enthusiast sharing his passion with anyone who's interested.

I'll try to post regular updates on my projects and share anything I learn along the way.

Some of my other projects

Wood box for the grand kids toys

Side Table

To be continued...

If you're looking for woodwork plans, here's where I get all of mine from.

Thank you for stopping by!